Here you can find texts for reading, listening and writing, for people who ...

... are at level A1 or A2*.   

... reached level B1 or B2*.

This website is being extended progressively. We start with short stories to read and listen to and dictations.

To the website belongs the YouTube channel youtube dazaf: There you can listen to the dictations spoken in a slow manner,  as well as to the short stories.

There are exercises to all texts.

Enjoy your listening, reading and writing!

The levels that this website refers to
are based on
the levels of proficiency as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The texts for level A1-A2 contain predominantly simple sentences or subordinate clauses with common conjunctions of level A2 (such as "weil"/"because" or "dass"/"that"). In correspondence to that the vocabulary consists largely of the (passive) vocabulary of level A1. Besides this there are more difficult words, the meaning of which yet is either deducible from the context or not relevant for the overall comprehension of the content. The texts therefore address to learners on level A1 as well as on those who already reached A2. For the first ones they certainly are a bit more challenging, while easier for the others. 
In the same way, the texts for level B1-B2 contain mainly the vocabulary and the grammar of level B1. Nevertheless, here again are included some more difficult words and some sentences with a higher complexity and structures which corresponds to level B2.

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  • Übungen zu Texten
  • Texte zum Schreiben
  • Texte zum Hören

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