The adjective shows us, how something or someone is.
E.g.: „Wie ist das Eis?“ „Es ist kalt.“ (= "How is the ice-cream?" "It's cold.")
The word „kalt“ (= cold) is an adjective.

Adjectives are used in sentences with „sein“ (= to be) or other verbs.
E.g.: „Wie schmeckt das Eis?“ „Es schmeckt süß.“ ("How does the ice-cream taste?" "It tastes sweet.")

You'll find further explanations as well as many examples in the following video:

 youtube Adjektive A1


We offer three kinds of exercises about adjectives for level-A1-learners:

- Find the Opposite - Explanation ↓     ||     Exercises ↓

- Which adjective fits -  Explanation ↓    ||     Exercises ↓

- Searching words - Adjectives - Explanaton & PDF-Download ↓

The online exercises come in two variants:

a) Typing the solution down (by keyboard). Tastatur
b) Shifting words to the place they fit (by computer mouse) Cursor Hand schieben

The variant a) works with all devices, whereas variant b) doesn't work with smartphones.

» Find the Opposite

The two variants:

A1 Opposite


» Find the Opposite: Food/Beverage/Restaurant
a) type
        ||        b) shift

» Find the Opposite: Housing/Furniture
a) type
        ||        b) shift

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» Which adjectives fit?

There are several exercises with incomplete sentences. In every exercise you shall fill in two blanks inserting each time one adjective - the two required adjectives are always opposites of each other.
There will be a list of adjectives out of which you shall choose the fitting ones.
Which adjedctive


» Which adjekcives fit: Food/Beverage/Restaurant
a) type 
        ||        b) shift

» Which adjectives fit: Housing/Furniture
a) type 
        ||        b) shift

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» Wörter suchen - Adjektive

Here you have two letter grids. In the first grid seven adjectives are hidden - in the second grid there are hiden the opposites of the adjectives of the first grid. 

You can downloead this exercise as a pdf document..

Here is the pdf exercise and here's the pdf solution.

A1 Wörter suchen



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